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We are a small brand with big dreams, based in Wales, UK. We are here to share our passion for creative people and the love of outdoors. We want everyone to be fuelled by creativity. It’s fun, joyful and surprising which is what our brand is all about. Encouraging the mind to keep active, instil curiosity and capture ideas, thoughts, and visions about the world. But our story has only just begun so the easiest way to share who we are, is by sharing our mission.

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We want to support creative people and support their journeys. We want to be bold and a little outlandish, after all we didn't name our brand Zany for no reason. Our mission is to express all of this by providing quality products for the modern day creative and explorer. All while supporting the preservation of the outdoors. The outdoor world is where 'we' are truly inspired, and we believe you should be too, ‘Fuel Your Creativity’.

We currently plant a tree for every product sold. In addition to this we are working on a REGAIN scheme where you 1) Wear and enjoy your Zany clothing until you don't want/need or cant wear it anymore. 2) Return your clothes 3) Collect a voucher for money off your next purchase with us!


The REGAIN ambition is simply better for the planet, your wallet, and your wardrobe. 

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ZANY is committed to planting 1 tree for every product sold in our company forest partnership with Tree-Nation.  ZANY is committed to planting trees for a better planet.

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ZANY is partnered with Tree-Nation for many reasons. Their platform is fun and easy to use. They are entrusted by other great companies like Google & Nivea. They establish good & fair prices for planters to ensure high-quality planting conditions.


Purchasing any product from our website  will ensure more trees are planted with TREE-NATION. You can also visit ZANY's Forest and plant a tree anytime you'd like to show your support. Click HERE!

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